Guiding Principles

We believe that by tuning into our body’s natural healing defenses, we can cultivate optimal self-healing and vitality. Our products are expertly crafted to harness the power of the immune system and designed to work in harmony with your body’s own restorative abilities.

  • Catalyze: Our unique ingredients signal the mechanisms for our innate immune system
  • Balance: Next-generation formulas approach skin health with a technological and holistic balance
  • Support: We do not seek to manipulate the natural processes, only support them

The team of immunologists who developed our products are part of the same team that developed a cancer immunotherapy vaccine currently being investigated in clinical trials as a potential treatment for a range of solid tumors. The scientists recognized that if we nurture damaged tissue with a molecule known to stimulate an innate and adaptive immune response, the natural process of the immune system is able to work much faster and more efficiently.

Introducing 712 (also known as INCI: lulii MMXII)

712 is a natural activator of the innate immune system that induces the body to produce a response to assist in the rapid repair and regeneration of tissue. 712 is a novel, multi-functional ingredient, suitable for a wide range of skin and haircare concepts. 712 has been shown to improve the look and feel of abraded, disrupted, blemished and scarred skin.

712 is ideally suited for use in products that address these common skin issues:

  • cellular renewal
  • skin regeneration
  • skin soothing, calming
  • blemish care
  • burn care
  • scarring
  • dandruff
  • wound care
  • psoriasis care
  • canker sore relief

712 was born out of our fascination with the human immune system – our body’s best medicine.

7Twelve Labs, LLC, is a subsidiary of Orbis Health Solutions, LLC., a privately-held company based in Greenville, South Carolina. 7Twelve Labs, LLC. has developed a pipeline of transformative products for the skin and mouth that enhance the body’s immune system and its natural ability to repair and restore health. The proprietary molecule in our products is designed to summon the immune system to action and is a byproduct of a 50 million-dollar cancer research project.

Safety Data Sheet


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