A History of Firsts

The discovery that revolutionized biomedical research

Since the 1970s, Dr. Wagner has been a partner or a principal investigator for many major scientific and medical discoveries. In 1980, a team of researchers at Ohio University, led by Dr. Wagner, Ph.D., developed a genetic process known as DNA microinjection. In this advanced process, scientists take a gene for a particular trait from one animal and inject it into the embryo of another animal shortly after it’s fertilized. The new gene enters the DNA of the recipient, which can then pass the trait along to its offspring.

This was a moment in the history of scientific achievement that benchmarked the beginning of a new reality for the future of biomedical research.

This discovery, and Dr. Wagner’s utilization of the process to create the world’s first transgenic mammal (by transferring a rabbit gene into a mouse) revolutionized biomedical research.

The patented process of DNA microinjection remains a widely used, powerful tool in genetic medical research. Dr. Wagner was also a pioneer in developing vehicles for cell-based gene therapy in 1987 and was the principal developer of a highly efficient cytoplasmic T7 gene therapy vector in 1993 which achieved for the first time rapid and high levels of gene expression in cancer cells and tissues.

Dr. Wagner has published more than 250 books and scientific papers in highly respected peer-reviewed biomedical journals and holds more than 50 patents.