Perseus PCI President Buddy Long announces appointment of Dr. Sook Yin MD as Treating Physician and Clinic Director

Buddy Long, president of Perseus PCI, the advanced cancer treatment center headquartered in the Cayman Islands, has announced the appointment of Dr. Sook Yin MD as treating physician and clinic director at the company’s Cayman Islands clinic.

Cayman Islands (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

Dr. Sook Yin holds innumerable community, national and professional awards for public service and her clinical work and is internationally known for her work in cancer prevention. She is admitted to private practice in the Cayman Islands and Great Britain. She has served as a director of the non-profit Cayman Islands Cancer Society since April 2001. In that capacity, Dr. Yin has headed efforts to successfully and significantly reduce the incidence of cancer in the Cayman Islands through comprehensive education programs, advanced early detection screening, and no-fee services that provide financial aid and counseling for the most needy.

Said Buddy Long: “We are honored that an internationally renowned clinician, such as Dr. Yin, has agreed to lead our treatment team at our new Cayman Islands clinic. She has a long history of working effectively with the most advanced medical and cancer treatments and an earned reputation for her skill and compassion in patient care and cure.”

Dr. Yin will serve at the new Perseus Caymans Clinic as treating physician for personalized patient care plans coordinated throughout the treatment process by a medical team of U.S.-based and licensed physicians who will evaluate each case for eligibility and function. Members of the U.S. team are also licensed to practice in the Cayman Islands.

Dr. Yin also holds degrees and certificates in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology earned in Great Britain where is also licensed to practice. She was born in Malaysia and speaks fluent English, Mandarin Chinese and Malay.

About Perseus PCI

Perseus PCI is a cancer treatment center headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Perseus provides an effective treatment approach for solid-tumor cancers that produces little to no side effects and can be an alternative to chemotherapy and radiation. The therapy, which uses the natural immune system, is easily administered by injection under the skin surface once a month for four months. This technology’s safety and effectiveness has been proven in US FDA sanctioned trials. The US approval process is ongoing, but this treatment has been approved for manufacture and administration by the Health Practice Commission of the Cayman Islands.

The therapy offered by Perseus is a dendritic cell-based immunotherapy, which has already been shown to be effective against melanoma, renal cell carcinoma and neuroblastoma tumors. Dendritic cells can be stimulated to activate a cytotoxic (killer) response toward the particular tumor. The patient’s dendritic cells are loaded with all of the patient’s tumor cell components to make the vaccine. When the vaccine is administered to the patient, the dendritic cells, a type of antigen-presenting cell, present the tumor antigen to the effector lymphocytes (CD4+ T cells and CD8+ cells), which initiates a cytotoxic response against the tumor cells.

Source: Cayman iNews