Strategic Alliance

In an effort to rapidly translate our next-generation of immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer, we conducted extensive research to identify countries with strict regulatory structures that would enable us to treat patients faster while upholding the rigorous standards set forth by the FDA. As a result, we have established important alliances with several strategic partners to support clinical development, manufacturing and commercial capabilities.

  • Perseus Holdings USA, LLC controls the master license for the TLPLDC/TLPO immunotherapy platform.

  • Perseus PCI was established in the Cayman Islands as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perseus Holdings USA, LLC and as the treatment center for the Company, responsible for conducting the Phase I TLPLDC basket clinical trial in a variety of solid tumor types. Perseus PCI is investigating the clinical potential of the TLPLDC therapeutic cancer vaccine in 15 different tumor types. In collaboration with the FDA, the data collected will be used in current and future FDA IND applications.

  • Elios Therapeutics, LLC is the U.S. Sponsor of the ongoing prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase IIb clinical trial of the TLPLDC vaccine, the Phase I/IIa checkpoint inhibitor + TLPLDC combination study in the metastatic melanoma setting, and the TLPLDC vs. TLPO bridging study.

  • 7Twelve Labs, LLC is a privately-held subsidiary of Orbis Health Solutions, LLC., based in Greenville, South Carolina. 7Twelve Labs was born out of our fascination with the human immune system – our body’s best medicine. We have developed an advanced pipeline of transformative products for the skin and mouth that enhance the body’s immune system and its natural ability to repair and restore health.

  • Our Formula Next Gen line of products was developed by the same team that developed the TLPLDC vaccine. They recognized that if we nurture damaged tissue with a molecule known to stimulate an innate and adaptive immune response, the natural process of the immune system is able to work much faster and more efficiently. Formula Next Gen products are crafted using a concentrated formula of this molecule, a natural activator of the innate immune system that induces the body to produce a response to assist in the rapid repair and regeneration of tissue. Products include:

    • Ointmend (soft and soothing formula for common skin issues including minor scrapes, cuts, scars, burns and other disrupted skin)

    • Mouthmend (gentle, immunotherapy-based mouth rinse to treat common types of mouth issues such as canker sores, mouth ulcers, and dry mouth)

    • On the Go Mend (light and soothing formula for mouth sores, chapped lips and blemishes)