Vaccine for Cancer Comes Closer to Fruition

Contact: Riley Polk

Vaccine for Cancer Comes Closer to Fruition as Immunotherapy Pioneer Joins Orbis Health Solutions

New Chief Medical Officer George Peoples, MD, Brings Deep Experience and Innovation to Research Focused on Preventing Relapses in Cancer Patients
(Greenville, SC) With decades of highly recognized innovation in the emerging medical frontier of immunotherapy, George Peoples, MD, joins Orbis Health Solutions, LLC, as Chief Medical Officer. His urgent focus: bringing to market vaccines with the potential to vastly improve upon current cancer treatment.

“My passion in life is to develop a viable and widely available vaccine for cancer,” said Dr. Peoples. “Orbis shares that mission and is dedicated to supporting the necessary research to care for and cure those living with cancer.”

A Johns Hopkins-trained physician, Harvard Medical School-trained surgeon, and MD Anderson-trained surgical oncologist, Dr. Peoples was most recently the Director and Principal Investigator of the Cancer Vaccine Development Program and Chief of Surgical Oncology at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. Reaching the rank of Colonel in the United States Army’s Medical Corps, Dr. Peoples also served as Professor of Surgery, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD, as well as Professor of Surgical Oncology (adjunct), MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

“We are going to battle to fight a common enemy, cancer, and Col. Peoples is the best officer to lead our mission,” announced Thomas Wagner, MD, renowned biomedical scientist and the creator of Perseus’ breakthrough cancer vaccine, now in clinical trials with Orbis Health Solutions. “With Dr. Peoples’ knowledge and experience in managing cancer trials and navigating protocols, and his passion to cure cancer, we are confident our alternative cancer treatment will soon be accessible worldwide.”
At Orbis, Dr. Peoples hopes to prove the efficacy of the Perseus cancer vaccines as well as extend his groundbreaking work in preventive vaccines for cancer patients at significant risk of relapse.

“Chemotherapy and radiation have proven beneficial for the treatment of many cancers but inadequate for preventing many cancer recurrences or significantly extending the lifespan of most patients with advanced cancers,” says Dr. Peoples. “There is a desperate need for new strategies that restore health and provide quality of life, and we believe this can be achieved through immunotherapy. At Orbis, we are focused on developing a vaccine strategy that can be applied to every type of cancer, and to every type of patient.”

About Orbis Health Solutions, LLC
Orbis Health Solutions, based in Greenville, South Carolina, was established in 2009 to develop and market vaccines for cancer patients. The company is currently conducting clinical trials for its Perseus PCI cancer vaccine, which uses the patient’s own T-cells to destroy tumors and create a lifetime immunity to the disease.


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